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5 Interfaith Podcasts to Inspire and Inform

IFYC’s podcast, Common Knowledge, has featured stories of community, leadership and reflection in a diverse and interconnected world. These values seem even more relevant now as our country, and our world, face the effects of Covid-19. I co-hosted this podcast for years and wanted to present a few episodes from our catalog that highlight the stories, ideas, people, art, and history that we find inspiring during this challenging time. Hope you enjoy!

Medicine and Interfaith Literacy: Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the response to the coronavirus. This podcast’s interviews doctors and hospital chaplains to discuss why understanding the diversity inherent in our healthcare system is vital to being an effective healthcare professional.

Art & Empathy: A Conversation with Rohina Malik: In this time of social distancing, the arts have helped us stay connected to our own humanity and tap into community even from afar. Rohina Malik is a trailblazing playwright and theatre artist. In this episode, we talk with her about her one-woman work, Unveiled, and about how art can be a means of better understanding identity and diversity.

Interfaith on the Menu: The Shared Value of Food: Few things bring people together like sharing a meal. Whether it’s a potluck or dinner with a partner, food plays a significant role in connecting us across lines of difference. We profile Milt’s, a kosher BBQ restaurant in Chicago, and talk to Fred Bahnson, a professor of theology and author of a memoir focusing on food and religion.

The Unknown Civil Rights Leader: Pauli Murray: During this time of crisis, it’s helpful to look back at leaders from the past and the vision they cast during their own tumultuous times. In this episode, we talk about Pauli Murray, a civil rights leader, legal scholar, and the first African American female Episcopal priest.

What is Interfaith Literacy? Our very first episode (so please excuse our ummms and ahhs!) We talk with Eboo Patel, the founder and president of IFYC, about the concept of interfaith literacy. What do we need to know about each other to form community during these times? We cover the fundamentals during this inaugural episode.

If you are looking for a way to become an interfaith leader, work for racial equity and build bridges, please check out our free curriculum "We Are Each Other's" and start your interfaith leadership today

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