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Ps. 42: Two Paintings

Simon Peter Davis has been working in the area of visual communication for over 20 years as a professional illustrator, and graphic designer. In 2008, after a period of earnestly seeking God’s will for his life; he felt led to begin producing artwork based on themes of flight, elevation, and ascension. He is the owner of AscendingArtz and currently resides in Birmingham, England.


“Your Waterfalls” (Psalm 42:7)

The reflection of light upon water is a constantly shifting entity – embodying a lucidness and dreamlike quality that is ingrained in the multiple layers, depth and texture of the paintings. The synergy of glowing white and electric blues permeates the atmosphere with the feeling of God’s amazing creation.



“Deep Calls to Deep” (Psalm 42:7)

As in the previous painting, here I use the image of the reflection of light upon water to convey the multilayered experience of beholding a waterfall. In this case, the Japanese [Shodo by Mariko Saito] and English lettering flow through the water and are etched in the rocks to remind us of the beauty of God’s word and of God’s creation.

Both paintings are part of a larger collection entitled “Psalms of The Sea – Waterfalls,” which are contemporary fine art/abstract paintings seeking to capture the raw power and surging energy of the sea. Inspired by the Book of Psalms’ various references to the waters of the earth, the verses beautifully create a strong visual theme.


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