Ps 82: Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless

I have been painting full time since 1979.  I say “full time”, but as a follower of the one true God and his Son, Jesus Christ, a wife and mother and now a grandmother, art was third on the list of important things in my life. I have had little formal art training, but have always asked God to help me as I sit down to paint. He is kind and faithful and has always guided my hand, my thoughts, my work.


Artist Statement:

My main objective in creating art is to show, in some way, God’s love for all of His creation. I work primarily with portraits and the human figure because God has created each person to be unique and lovely in his or her own way, no matter the race, sex, or age. He loves each dearly. Throughout Scripture, God encourages us to defend, protect, and provide for the fatherless, orphan, and yes, the widow, too. This painting was done in the 1980’s. I hoped to show the plight of orphans, and also, the affection and care that children give each other as they await help from caring people.



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