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Ps. 82: We Rise

Batya Levine uses song as a tool for cultivating healing and resilience and centers this practice in her work as a communal song leader, musician, shaliach tzibur (Jewish prayer leader) and cultural organizer. She believes in the liberatory power of song to untie what is bound within us and to sustain us as we build a more just and beautiful world. Batya offers song, ritual, and workshops in a variety of communities, including Isabella Freedman, Linke Fligl, SVARA: A Traditionally Radical Yeshiva, and The New Synagogue Project. She composes original music made of Ashkenazi yearning, queer heart-medicine, and emunah (faith/trust). She has just released her first album, Karov. You can check out more about her work and music at www.batyalevine.com


Artist Statement:

This song came through the day after the 2016 election in a moment of deep fear and despair in the face of such great unknown. I reached inward for a prayer, for a shred of hope, and what I found was the vision of holy resistance I had witnessed and experienced at Standing Rock. This song is an attempt to hold and sing that vision of powerful, prayerful resistance into our bones. And today, as white supremacy and fascism so clearly lift their heads, may we center the vision of marginalized peoples, believe in our collective power and resilience, and learn to live it, as we work to dismantle the oppressive forces within ourselves and in the world around us. No matter what struggles lie ahead, may we keep fighting and rising for and with each other.


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