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Ps. 90: A Pandemic Poem

Dwight L. Wilson is an author of both psalms (Modern Psalms in Search of Peace and Justice) and historical fiction focusing on the North in the era between the Revolutionary and the Civil Wars (The Kidnapped, The Resistors and The Esi Was My Mother series). He is a former General Secretary of Friends General Conference, the original group of North American Quakers. His wife is a former board member and an active congregant of Ann Arbor, Michigan's Beth Israel Synagogue.


Deep within this nightmare people count days 

beyond the pandemic as though they’re promised. 

All we ask is that we do not despise the new 

because we are longing for yesterday’s joys 

and cannot prophesy tomorrow. 

Make us as nimble as drops in a river 

that changes its course with the slowness  

of centuries or rapidly with storms. 

Make us as flexible as clouds moving across 

a great continent forming then reforming 

in shapes that remind us that even the air is Yours.  


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