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Your Voice, Your Vote Matters

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Dear Friends, 

Election Day is one of America’s most important civic moments. The opportunity to cast a ballot and lift our voices for the future of our country is the bedrock of our religiously diverse democracy and also a tremendous privilege.  As I wrote to you two weeks ago, IFYC is deeply committed to a free and fair election where every vote matters, and I am personally inspired by the unprecedented electoral energy across the country. This election may take time and patience as we wait for every vote to be counted. The strength of our democracy is worth the wait.  

We’re so grateful to everyone in our network who is participating in this important process: ranging from leading GOTV efforts to co-ordinating on-campus events, even using data to explore religious diversity in voting and offering prayers for fairness and healing. Your leadership is a source of inspiration and hope.  

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Like many of you, we are already thinking ahead to after the election, especially how to heal and build community once this national decision is behind us. Many of our partner organizations have fantastic resources to support this essential work, too.  If you do have plans, please tell us what you’re planning so we can share your story.  If you’re still considering what to do or looking for opportunities to discuss the election and its intersection with interfaith leadership, please join us for one of our post-election community conversations.   

On this Election Day, I’m holding two ideas close to my heart:  Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s reminder that “the moral arc of the universe is long, but it bends towards justice” and President Abraham Lincoln’s exhortation that we “must not be enemies” but rather find the “better angels of our nature.”   

May we move our country closer to both of these ideals in the days and weeks to come. 



If you are looking for a way to become an interfaith leader, work for racial equity and build bridges, please check out our free curriculum "We Are Each Other's" and start your interfaith leadership today

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