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Eboo Patel
article - September 14, 2021
Part of what I found so beautiful about our conversation is that we both agree that American pluralism is not simply a pragmatic solution to the challenge of a diverse democracy, it is also a kind of sacred trust that God intends us to steward.
Eboo Patel
article - December 9, 2020
Eric is especially concerned that the muscle of citizenship is getting weaker at the same time as white nationalism, authoritarianism, wealth concentration and polarization are growing.
Eboo Patel
article - October 15, 2020
And for Josh, the only way for America to achieve its higher purpose is if all Americans have a chance to achieve their higher purpose. And that has everything to do with the words ‘listening’ and ‘relationships’.
Eboo Patel
article - June 26, 2020
Eboo speaks with famous businessman Steve Sarowitz to understand how he is inspired by his faith to fight against racism: "If the system is broken, you can’t keep the system, even if it’s messy to get rid of it."
Eboo Patel with Rev. Jen Bailey
article - June 23, 2020
A key insight from Eboos conversation with Rev Jen Bailey: The people in the Black Lives Matter movement who did the frontline responding and the disrupting did their work so well that they changed the space entirely, now we need to do our work well.
Eboo Patel
article - June 16, 2020
"Our nation is in transition, a demographic transition...as we become a majority people of color country. I want to be part of that...In the idea of revolutionary love, I feel as if I’ve found my song, and I’ll be singing it until I’m an old woman.”
Eboo Patel
article - June 11, 2020
Eboo converses with Rev. Nathan Stanton about his plans to take his family of seven on a year-long national tour focused on racial reconciliation. "The world needs love."
Eboo Patel
article - June 2, 2020
Eboo speaks to Bill George, who has deeply influenced his approach to leadership - "the core of your leadership comes out of your ethics...shape your core into something that you’re proud of, and then bring it into the world."
Eboo Patel
article - May 26, 2020
Eboo speaks with Bob Boisture, the President of the Fetzer Institute, to learn what he means by the 'enlightenment cultural operating system' and how the current pandemic will alter the future of higher education.
Eboo Patel
article - May 20, 2020
Eboo spoke with Krista Tippett about how she's looking after herself & what she thinks the world will look post-Covid-19 - “There is an incredible opening to deep structural reformation, to how we live our lives & organize our societies.”

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