Webinar Series

How can you best understand the needs of your students and create a truly welcoming campus? Learn to create welcoming spaces for worldview diversity in this three-part virtual workshop series throughout fall 2017. Speakers will include educators from colleges and universities across the country, as well as IFYC staff.

Join us for one, two, or all three of the following sessions:

  1. Facilities, Policies, Meal Plans, Oh My: Determining Your Campus Accommodation Needs (October 10 at 1pm EST),
  2. So, Here’s the Plan: Taking Steps to Establish Interfaith Accommodations (November 7), and
  3. The Difference it Makes: Communicating Positive Impact of Interfaith Accommodations (November 28th)

Learning Community FAQ

Alongside this fall series, we are offering virtual meet-ups after each session to discuss the content and encourage the workshopping of ideas, networking among peers, and the development of accountability goals.

Q. Who should sign up for these learning communities?

A. Campus educators – professionals from fields such as Student Affairs, Religious and Spiritual Life, Residence Life, Chaplains’ Offices, etc. – at U.S.-based colleges and universities are invited to apply.

Q. What do the learning communities offer that the webinars do not?

A. These intimate learning communities provide space for networking and discussing new ideas with other campus professionals. If accepted, you will join a small group of approximately ten people facilitated by IFYC staff that will meet virtually, three times, between October 10 (the date of the first webinar) and throughout the remainder of the fall semester. Your facilitator will offer tailored support and guidance to help you apply the learnings from each webinar. Your cohort will hold you accountable as you set out to determine campus accommodation needs, create a plan for implementation, and conduct assessment on impact.

Q. Is there a cost associated? If accepted, do I need special supplies?

A. We are happy to offer this program free of charge. If accepted, all you need to participate is access to a computer (not a phone or tablet), a quiet space, and a set of headphones. The small groups will use either the Adobe Connect platform (which IFYC uses for webinars) and/or other free and easy-to-use tools such as Skype, email, and Google Docs.

Q. If I apply to the cohort and am accepted, what is expected of me?

A. Learning community participants are expected to attend each scheduled webinar and associated learning community meetings. Combined, the webinar and learning community meetings should require no more than two hours of time per month. Participants should expect to dedicate no more than an additional two hours over the course of the semester to ongoing email correspondence related to logistics, pre-work, and reflection.

Q. What kinds of questions will we interrogate during the small group calls? What outcomes can I expect to have achieved by the end?

A. We will answer questions like:

  • What do effective policies and accommodations for worldview diversity look like?
  • Which ones would be most beneficial for varying campus contexts?
  • How does one garner support for campus accommodations?
  • How can I effectively assess our campus accommodations?

As a learning community member, you will:

  • Explore common interfaith policies and accommodations and consider their connection to respect and welcome
  • Receive tools to assess current interfaith accommodations and support in determining which accommodations to implement
  • Review a set of steps and considerations for wide-reaching and interconnected change across campus
  • Receive support in the creation of a plan for action and coaching on assessment cycles and planning

Q. I’m interested! How do I apply?

Fill out this form now

We’ll let you know within five business days if you have been accepted into the program.