College Students Defying Division

The evidence is everywhere: on the news, on the streets, and on campus. You’re part of the most religiously diverse generation our country has ever seen, but that diversity isn’t necessarily a good or bad thing — it’s just a fact. It’s what you do about it that matters.

Differences of faith, philosophy, and belief have the potential to push society apart — or they can bring people together around our most important challenges.

That’s interfaith cooperation. With the right skills, you can make it happen.

There is a growing movement, with students at its core, making interfaith cooperation a priority on campus and a part of the national conversation.  Across more than 450 campuses IFYC helps rising leaders learn to engage difference positively, lead fearlessly, and connect to a thousands-strong network of peers who share a vision for a diverse yet indivisible future. By joining the IFYC student network, you’ll open up a world of new opportunities for learning and leadership.

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A 21st Century Skill

In our diverse society, you will encounter difference everywhere. People of different colors and cultures. Different stories and histories. Different values and beliefs. Different ideas of what justice is, or why we’re here in the first place. You will find yourself working and living with people of different truths.

Positively navigating these differences requires interfaith leaders: people with the vision, knowledge, and skills to build cooperation and understanding between people who orient around religion differently. These leaders help people who see the world differently work together based on their shared values of addressing important issues and creating lasting connections between people. In a fractured society, interfaith leaders are more important and more in-demand than ever.

Whether you’re religious or not, see yourself as a leader or not, you have a role to play in this student-led movement. You bring the passion, and we’ll give you the opportunities and support to make a difference.

Anyone can do this. Our programs and projects let you build your interfaith leadership based on what’s most important to you.


Equip yourself with the core skills and literacy to navigate worldview difference in real world settings through trainings and learning opportunities, offered online and in-person. Learn about other traditions, explore strategies and tactics for building bridges, and get inspiring ideas and valuable resources to sustain your growth.




Create impact on campus and beyond with opportunities to organize interfaith initiatives that address important issues and create cooperation between different people and groups. See the many ways it can be done and get the resources to do it well.




Join a national network of passionate and diverse people who are making interfaith leadership a part of their lives. Joining means you can connect to peers, make lifelong friendships, and share ideas for change every day. IFYC student network members receive exclusive opportunities and have the chance to take part in specialized programs. You also get access to IFYC’s growing alumni network of interfaith leaders supporting each other after graduation and in their professional fields.  


Religion is complicated. We can’t promise this is easy, but we can promise that it will make a difference — for you, your future, and the future of the society you want to live in.

Join us and help fulfill the promise of a nation diverse, a nation indivisible.

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Build the skills you need to work across lines of difference and explore today’s most important issues of religious diversity.


There are many ways to do it. See how you can create positive change on campus and beyond.


Join a national network of rising interfaith student leaders working to make society better by reducing division.