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You know what’s better than a young leader working for an indivisible society? Thousands of young leaders working for an indivisible society, supporting each other every step of the way.

IFYC’s student network is the “core” in Interfaith Youth Core. Members come from every kind of faith, worldview, tradition, and background. They represent every kind of college and university. They do interfaith work for different reasons. What unites them is a shared vision for a society where different people can bridge divides and find common values to build a shared life together.

When you join the network, you’re not just signing up for a newsletter. You’re participating in a community, where members share ideas, collaborate on strategy, and help each other succeed. Network members also recieve exclusive opportunities and experiences to enrich their leadership. Most of all, members become part of a larger community working for positive change and making history one campus at a time.

Are you in? Join the Student Network today. 

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Opportunities for Network Members

Student Online Community

Connect and collaborate with other student interfaith leaders and join forums on intersectionality, tradition specific topics, types of campus leadership, and more.

Student Alumni Mentorship Program (StAMP)

Connect with an IFYC alum. Grow personally and professionally. Be a part of a lifelong community of interfaith leaders.

Attend a Regional Leadership Gathering

Grow your leadership skills and network by meeting with other interfaith leaders in your region. This year, there are 13 gatherings happening on campuses across the country, covering everything from storytelling to best practices for dialogue to intersections with social justice.

Connect with the IFYC Team

Want hands-on, personalized support from an IFYC staffer who can help you navigate your learning journey? Our team is here to talk, listen, and connect you to the right opportunities. Just send us an email at

Keep Exploring


Knowledge is a foundation for every good interfaith leader. Build your literacy and learn how religious diversity shapes the world around you with IFYC’s learning opportunities and online resources.


There are many ways to do it. See how you can create positive change on campus and beyond.

IFYC Alumni

Interfaith leadership is a lifelong skill and that means it doesn’t end with graduation. Check out our Alumni Network and see how it can support you in your professional and personal life.

Still looking?

Not finding what you’re looking for? Search this site for more information and ways to get involved, or email us at

Meet Our Student Leadership Team

Bri Crumbley

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Bri Crumbley / IFYC Student Leadership Team

 "Sometimes, the bravest and most important thing you can do is just show up." - Brené Brown

Bri Crumbley, Student Leadership Associate, supports and energizes students as they build and sustain the interfaith movement across the country. A graduate of Meredith College, Bri is especially proud to have harmonized her passions for interfaith cooperation and female empowerment with her studies in Religion, Ethics, and Sociology, as a student and Better Together coach. It was as a student leader herself, that Bri found a desire to see students become the strongest versions of themselves possible, which was evident in her involvement with Cross Culture Student Ministries as an administrator, events coordinator and small group leader. As a social introvert who is fascinated by people and society, INFJ-Bri enjoys consuming media in the form of books, blogs and podcasts, and enjoys doing so with a cup of hot tea or an iced coffee, weather permitting.

Shannon Copp

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Shannon Copp / IFYC Student Leadership Team

“Only the curious have something to find.” Sean Watkins

Shannon Copp, Student Leadership Manager, works on all things Better Together, from social media and communications to student leadership development. Shannon graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in East Asian Religions and her graduate work at the University of Chicago Divinity School focused on interfaith peacebuilding. Her mission as part of the student leadership team is to help interfaith conversations turn into action outside of the classroom. Outside of IFYC, Shannon's personal mission is to find the perfect board game for each person she meets.

Brian Anderson

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Brian Anderson / IFYC Student Leadership Team

“Peace is only found in yes.” - Anthony de Mello, SJ

Brian Anderson, Student Leadership Manager, oversees the Interfaith Leadership Institutes, the grant process for our Interfaith Leadership Labs, and the hiring of our Interfaith Coaches. Brian has a B.A. in Religious Studies and Psychology from Butler University, an M.A. in Student Development Administration from Seattle University, and an M.A. in Pastoral Studies from Loyola University Chicago. Brian comes to IFYC having worked in Higher Education in a variety of capacities for the past 10 years; most recently as an Interfaith Campus Minister. He is excited to bring a wealth of knowledge to share with our campus partners. When not at IFYC, Brian is involved with bringing arts and culture programs to his community. You can also find him spending time with his family or in his garden.