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Models of Religious Diversity – Video & Guide

The Interfaith Leadership Video Series (ILVS) was created as a full-term course. Its lessons build upon one another to give students a robust understanding of interfaith leadership. Still, individual modules can be used in a range of courses and instruction.

Lesson 2 of ILVS – Key Concepts of Interfaith Leadership - introduces participants to some of the primary concepts and social theories that support the interfaith movement in America. As a diverse democracy, America presents both opportunities and challenges when it comes to diversity. The lesson as a whole addresses the question of how to shift from the fact of diversity to the achievement of pluralism.

Module 2.2 – Models of Religious Diversity - provides a framework that students can use to understand how people respond to diversity, especially religious diversity. You can use module 2.2 to give students a framework that can be applied to other kinds of diversity in America, helping them understand the barriers to cooperation and social cohesion. This module can be used in classes that engage topics of difference in America, such as The History of Race in America, Race and Religion, Immigration and Emigration, International Relations, Sociology of Religion and World Religions, to name a few. This module can be used as a resource in a range of instructional settings for initiatives aimed at leadership development, community or civic engagement, service learning and first year orientation.

This resource is part of a series of resources to feature modules within the ILVS that have particularly broad application. Reach out to Calvin@ifyc.org to learn more about how to integrate ILVS into your course or co-curricular work.


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