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Ps. 121: Esa Einai

I have been creating art since I was a small child when my Bubbe (grandmother) taught me to embroider the aleph bet (Hebrew alphabet). My work has evolved over the years with the guidance of teachers and mentors into a Judaic collection comprised of paintings, multi-media collage, and jewelry—all of which is spiritual in nature. I am grateful that my work has been exhibited widely in

various religious and cultural contexts, as well as in private collections.

My images have manifested as my personal labor of love. I am inspired by words of Torah, psalms, and prayers, as well as from dancing through life with my husband Leon, family, and friends. It is my aspiration that my images are timeless and true. My intent is to bring illumination and new modern meanings to the words that resonate with our hearts and souls. I am inspired by the text from Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, “Make the old new and the new holy.”


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