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Ps. 22: My God, My God, Why?

The Psalm Project is a group of musicians from the Netherlands who have adapted melodies from the Genevan Psalter, updating them with arrangements for piano, guitar, and strings.



Words: Lee Ann Vermeulen-Roberts, 2013

Music: Eelco Vos, based on the tune for Psalm 22 in the Genevan Psalter

Produced by: Luca Genta, Wilkin de Vlieger Artwork: BaakBeeld, Tilburg, Netherlands; Lead vocals: Suzanna van der Velde, Ariën Vink, Miranda de Vlieger; Guitar: Jay-P Beijersbergen; Bass, Percussion, & Programming: Luca Genta; Drums: Wilkin de Vlieger Piano: Eelco Vos; Hammond: Andre Bijleveld; Strings: Nederlands begeleidingsorkest


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