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Ps. 23: Psalm 23 Illuminated

Debra Band is a Hebrew manuscript artist residing in Potomac, MD. She is the author and illuminator of six illuminated books and commentaries, including The Song of Songs: the Honeybee in the Garden (2005), I Will Wake the Dawn: Illuminated Psalms (2007, with Arnold J. Band), and Kabbalat Shabbat: the Grand Unification (2016, with Raymond P. Scheindlin and Arthur Green). 

These paintings invite reflection on twin themes in this most beloved of psalms: “The valley of the shadow of death” and the omnipotent, divine Lover laying out a feast for the trusting seeker. A hike to a perilous cliff-side hanging lake in the Rockies inspired the Hebrew painting. In the English painting, I set a scene of an intimate meal for two lovers in the same area, but located at a safe distance from the dangerous cliff, signaling the believer’s intimate trust in God’s protection.

Illuminations of Psalm 23 taken from I Will Wake the Dawn: Illuminated Psalms, by Debra Band (Jewish Publication Society, 2007).


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