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Why Interfaith Work Matters After Graduation

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Meet Usra Ghazi and Kevin Singer, IFYC Alum. These good friends and IFYC Alum have continued to practice and cultivate their interfaith leadership, even putting interfaith cooperation near the center of their respective “callings.” Additionally, this piece highlights the unique benefits of belonging to the IFYC Alumni Network. 

Kevin and Usra are both doing important and compelling work in their fields that involve interfaith engagement and religious diversity education, pioneering new ways to address religious differences and diversityUsra attained a Masters from Harvard Divinity School and went on to work at the U.S. State Department. Kevin is a college faculty member and researcher focusing on religion and religious identity and seen as an up-and-coming figure in academic/educator circles, introducing new ideas and practices and starting important discussions around religious diversity and college. They each have also established their own independent organizations on top of their regular jobsNeighborly Faith and America Indivisible  

Both Usra and Kevin are daily change-makers in diverse walks of American life, and this is our hope for all IFYC Alum as we engage with a reality where the skills of interfaith leadership are increasingly in demand.  


How To Use This Video 

If you’re a student with a desire for interfaith work being an integrated part of your life after college, this will give you a solid idea of how that can look. A great immediate next step is to join our Alumni Network (linked above) and take advantage of the resources available to get you there: scholarships, grant opportunities, professional networking, etc.  

If you’re an educator, this video illustrates the long game for why interfaith leadership skills are important to cultivate on campus. It provides students a tangible vision for how the knowledge of interfaith cooperation practically manifests in one’s profession and passions. Show this to students and ask: what do you see Kevin and Usra doing in their work, and how could it apply to where you see yourself in the next handful of years? 

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