Meeting the National Moment with Faith

The arrival of effective vaccines marks a transitional moment of hope in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Nevertheless, moving from vaccine to vaccination is an enormous national challenge. Religiously diverse communities are active contributors to this important national project, understanding the need to work within and across communities for the common good.

One of the most pressing challenges in vaccination is the lack of access to and trust for the vaccine among many American communities, including Black, Native American, Latino/a/x, and white evangelicals. National research shows that individuals in these groups are often highly religious, and faith communities are singular sources of trust and social capital within local communities. Religiously diverse institutions have a unique opportunity to promote vaccine trust – a national imperative which will increase vaccine uptake and save lives across the country.

Join In The Effort

IFYC is playing an active role in engaging the skills of interfaith leadership in pursuit of this important national priority, working in the following areas:

  • Research: IFYC’s quantitative and qualitative research efforts will shed light on various reasons for vaccine hesitancy and what tactics might be effective for faith communities looking to engage in vaccine outreach.
  • Program Interventions: IFYC is establishing multiple programs to work in local communities and with individual interfaith leaders committed to engaging work around the vaccine. IFYC will focus on training participants in the skills and competencies to listen deeply and communicate effectively and accurately about the vaccine.
    • Chicago-Based Program: IFYC is convening a set of faith-based and faith-inspired organizations engaging in vaccine outreach in Chicago. Learn more about this program here and contact Don Abram ( with questions.
  • Storytelling: IFYC is working to tell the story of how faith communities are engaging vaccine outreach on a local level. We have launched a Faith and Vaccine website in partnership with Religion News Service to share resources, research and storytelling with the public and invite wider participation.

Gratitude For Our Partners

IFYC is lucky to be working with a wide variety of excellent partners in this exciting work, including PRRILightful, and many amazing local partners. We will update this page regularly with new resources, program updates, and impactful stories as our work unfolds.

IFYC is also grateful for the generous support of for its commitment to funding this critical effort.