Nour Akhras
article - April 9, 2021
"In the Qur’an, God – Exalted Be He – proclaims that we should ask the people endowed with knowledge…All the experts are saying the same thing: please get vaccinated and do it now."
Luis Andres Henao, David Crary, and Mariam Fam
- March 15, 2021
The pandemic, Johnson said, "has called us to rethink and re-imagine what our philosophy of ministering really is in the age of COVID." 
Brigid Flaherty
article - March 1, 2021
Besides any role models we find in our beautiful faith traditions, we serve as inspirations to one another. I firmly believe we can support our neighbors by stepping up to do our part in the fight against Covid-19.
Julie Schonfeld
article - February 10, 2021
This week Schonfeld talks with Rabbi Elliot Dorff, rector and Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. Dorff is a theologian and ethicist specializing in medical ethics.
Isabel Debre
article - February 10, 2021
Kandhari said many front-line medical workers who failed to get vaccinated elsewhere due to shortages and new age restrictions were lining up for shots Monday in the temple’s parking garage.