IFYC has compiled this set of educational and training materials to support its Faith in the Vaccine program participants. This educational library includes videos, playlists, and other learning tools to leverage the skills of interfaith leadership for vaccine outreach.

The Modules

Understanding Vaccine Outreach

These tools provide a basic understanding of challenges related to vaccination, including access and hesitancy concerns. Modules in this section also direct participants to reliable sources of information about COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine Challenges:

This online module introduces basic dynamics around vaccine outreach, including an understanding of common access challenges and common concerns about the vaccines.

Vaccine Challenges Q&A:

This video features a live Q&A with medical experts from Rush University with detailed responses to common questions about the vaccine.

Accessing Reliable Information:

This concise and easily shareable document lists sources for accurate vaccine information and includes links to short video clips of Rush University experts responding to FAQs.

Interfaith Organizing

The skillset of interfaith leadership includes the essential ability of bringing communities together for the common good.  These modules explore how to activate your interfaith leader skillset for the common good of vaccination.

Why Learning Conversations?

Conversations about vaccines and vaccination can be tough. This video asks learners to examine their conversation goals and helps learners develop skills for having effective conversations -- even across significantly different perspectives.

The Power of Interfaith Action:

June 14, 12-1pm CDT

This live training affords learners the opportunity to reflect on the interfaith impact of their vaccine outreach work and to consider what it means to be part of a national, interfaith movement that lays the groundwork for future cooperation.

Interfaith Literacy & Vaccines:

This video equips learners with basic information about religiously diverse perspectives on the vaccine, particularly focused on religiously-based rationales for vaccination.

Public Narrative: Using the Power of Storytelling for Action:

This video presents an essential skill for interfaith leadership – weaving a compelling personal narrative. The session provides basic storytelling skills within the context of vaccine outreach.

Community Organizing 101:

This video introduces learners to the basics of community organizing within the context of vaccine outreach.

Asset Mapping:

This video supports learners in considering and mapping the assets within their community to leverage within vaccine outreach work.

Sharing My Vaccine Outreach Story:

Interfaith action gives us an opportunity to reflect on our own motivations to act and to connect with others via these personal stories. This video assists learners in identifying and articulating their unique inspiration for engaging in vaccine outreach work.

Engaging the Media:

June 23, 12-1pm CDT

The reach and impact of vaccine outreach work can be significantly amplified by media coverage. This live training breaks down the basics of getting media attention for your vaccine outreach efforts. NOTE: Attending or watching the recording (available on this page after June 18) of Sharing My Vaccine Outreach Story is a prerequisite for this training.

Digital Communications

Combatting misinformation and communicating to a mass audience can be an essential element of vaccine outreach work. This suite of resources, presented in partnership with Lightful, a digital communications organization, will support expertly-crafted digital communications efforts in the context of vaccine outreach.

Best Practices in Digital Communications:

This resource provides an overview of the importance of digital communications, along with foundational strategies for maximizing digital outreach as part of your vaccination initiative.

Digital Communications Training:

Download the Welcome Pack below to access a wealth of digital communications training experiences. These include asynchronous training modules that cover the basics, digital storytelling, audience know-how, and measuring success, along with live training opportunities over the summer (see pages 17-18). Sign up to get started here, and contact ashleyk@ifyc.org with any questions.

IFYC is collecting stories and research based on the work of our Faith in the Vaccine program participants – learn more about our work here!

Looking for something else? Contact Ashley King (ashleyk@ifyc.org) if you’re interested in engaging with IFYC further about its tools and resources on vaccine outreach.