Greater Good Magazine
podcast - July 30, 2021
Comedian W. Kamau Bell discusses the challenges of finding common ground, even with people in your own family.
Tony Banout
article - July 23, 2021
As the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. echoed Theodore Parker, ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.’ Let’s bend it together.
Rida Zaidi
article - July 23, 2021
In both my work as an interfaith leader and a dancer, rethinking is all about opening our minds, asking questions, and having conversations.
Peter Smith
article - July 23, 2021
Some U.S. churches have been reckoning with this activity for years through ceremonies, apologies and archival investigations, while others are just getting started.
Kristen Lucken
article - July 23, 2021
A global study of the communication patterns of 1.3 million workers during the global lockdown showed the average workday increased by 8.2% during the pandemic, and the average number of virtual meetings per person expanded by almost 13%.
Associated Press
article - July 21, 2021
The seven monks have been clearing brush from around the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center and running a sprinkler system dubbed “Dharma rain,” which helps keep a layer of moister around the buildings.
Joseph Hammond
article - July 21, 2021
Over 800 Muslim Americans are expected to attend the family-focused event at the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Ijamsville, Maryland, making it one of the larger such gatherings around the country in the era of COVID-19.
By Mariam Fam And Amr Nabil
article - July 20, 2021
Eid al-Adha, or the “Feast of Sacrifice,” is typically marked by communal prayers, large social gatherings, slaughtering of livestock and giving meat to the needy.
Alejandra Molina
article - July 20, 2021
Our Lady of La Vang is said to have appeared in a remote rainforest in the late 1700s to a group of Catholics fleeing persecution in Vietnam.
Luis Andres Henao and Jessie Wardarski
article - July 15, 2021
Coronavirus deaths among clergy are not just a Catholic problem, said Andrew Chesnut, chair of Catholic studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, with faith leaders across denominations having elevated exposure rates as “spiritual front-line workers” ministering to the sick and dying in hospitals and nursing homes.
Alejandra Molina
article - July 15, 2021
Legislation legalizing human composting has encountered religious resistance from the Catholic Church.
Paul Raushenbush
- July 13, 2021
"It’s not about accepting other’s beliefs and pushing your own away - it is about being respectful, while still having the freedom to express your beliefs"
Amber Hacker
- July 9, 2021
So, if you have vacation time, take it. If you’re in a leadership role, consider closing your doors for a short period of time. You – and your teams – will probably be happier, and come back better prepared to tackle the next big thing.
Kathryn Post
- July 1, 2021
“Dr. Fauci embodies humanist values, including his steadfast commitment to science, his demonstrated empathy and compassion for others and his overall direct approach,” AHA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt told Religion News Service in an interview.
Calvin Taylor
article - July 1, 2021
The Fellows are activists, artists, and thought leaders who created compelling media pieces that are published on Interfaith America.
Mariam Fam
- June 28, 2021
Suicide is a complex and delicate topic that Dr. Rania Awaad, as director of the Muslim Mental Health & Islamic Psychology Lab at Stanford University, knows much about — but one she says isn’t discussed nearly enough in U.S. Muslim communities. When it is, she said, it’s often poorly understood and shrouded in misconceptions.
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
article - June 24, 2021
Whether I meet you in church, on the street or on the dancefloor, as best as I can – I want you to know me by my love.
Paul Giess
article - June 21, 2021
This album was not initially an interfaith dialogue, but in hindsight the band has a diverse set of belief systems
Tony Banout
article - June 17, 2021
Tony Banout and Rev. Fred Davie, who recently joined IFYC as Senior Advisor for Racial Equity, talk about the meaning of Juneteenth, how Black and Interfaith experiences are inextricably joined in American history, and how important Black Interfaith work is for the future of our nation.
Ibrahim Abdul-Matin
article - June 17, 2021
I find discomfort celebrating Juneteenth which is the honoring of the day/s that the formerly enslaved found out that they were no longer owned by someone else.
Alejandra Molina
article - June 17, 2021
Scott, who was formerly married to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, wrote in a Medium post that she and her husband, Dan Jewett, worked with researchers, administrators and advisers to figure out how to best distribute the money to “high-impact organizations” in areas “that have been historically underfunded and overlooked."