Tamarra Kemsley
article - August 16, 2021
The addition marks the latest in a series of attempts by Mormon leaders to elevate the issue among its global membership.
Carr Harkrader
article - August 13, 2021
There is no denying that the world is changing, and, if there was a clear theme from this year’s Interfaith Leadership Institute, it is that it requires new leaders to shape that change.
Whitney Bauck
article - August 13, 2021
The host of "On Being" makes a case for embracing new forms of digitally mediated spiritual practice.
Monique Parsons
article - August 12, 2021
In Hmong tradition, strong community and family ties are deeply intertwined with notions of spirituality. For many Hmong Americans, Lee’s triumph felt like a communal victory.
Becca Hartman-Pickerill
article - August 12, 2021
Our human tendency to lift up excellence – physical, moral, etc. – and reify the person who displayed that excellence, is clearly rooted in our own psychology, but religion has something to teach us if we’re interested in a kinder world.
Neil Agarwal
- August 9, 2021
As more companies and institutions impose vaccine mandates, many now struggle to process and evaluate requests for religious exemptions. The following resources provide background and context for these ongoing conversations and decisions.
Monique Parsons
- August 9, 2021
Many private businesses, hospital systems and universities that require COVID-19 vaccines also offer religious exemptions. But with no consistent method for navigating these requests — or defining the terms, for that matter — leaders are scrambling to respond.
IFYC Staff
article - August 9, 2021
We are excited to announce the inaugural cohort of 11 religiously diverse and accomplished leaders who view interfaith cooperation as a key aspect of their calling and commitment.
Simran Jeet Singh
- August 6, 2021
"I believe there’s a reason for everything, that’s what Sikhi teaches us, and rather than feeling sorry for yourself, you have to remember that life is in your hands and you can take it where you want to."