Eboo Patel
article - January 25, 2021
It just so happens that no other institution in American society is better prepared to meet every aspect of this momentous challenge, from educating various segments of the public to actually getting shots in arms, than college campuses.
Eboo Patel
article - January 22, 2021
His message was clear: For the future to have a chance at all, parts of the past had to be left behind, and all of us have to convene around common symbols.
Eboo Patel
- January 15, 2021
It is reasonable to believe that King would support holding people accountable for crimes committed, but King also held a higher hope for at least some of those who were part of the mob.
Eboo Patel
article - January 8, 2021
At the U.S. Capitol this week, a cathedral of the song of pluralism, the blood-curdling screams of a mob did their best to drown out that American song.
Eboo Patel and Mary Ellen Giess
article - January 6, 2021
When there is no obvious or conclusive response, a range of diverse viewpoints – from different racial, ideological, religious, and class backgrounds – can shed light on new insights and collectively shape a path forward into a new era.
Eboo Patel & Paul Raushenbush
article - December 23, 2020
In this terrible moment, the vaccines that have been developed are nothing less than a modern miracle. America's diverse faith communities can play a central role.
Eboo Patel
article - December 9, 2020
Eric is especially concerned that the muscle of citizenship is getting weaker at the same time as white nationalism, authoritarianism, wealth concentration and polarization are growing.
Eboo Patel
article - November 24, 2020
If you listen closely, you can hear echoes of Springsteen in the victory speeches of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris last Saturday night. There is the realization that life is hard and still full of wonder.
Eboo Patel
- November 11, 2020
There is no ‘Us vs Them’ in their language, there is only ‘Us’. There is no talk of revenge, only talk of unifying. They have a bone-deep sense of the most important work ahead: to lift up marginalized voices, and bridge widening divides. 
Eboo Patel
article - November 3, 2020
This election may take time and patience as we wait for every vote to be counted. The strength of our democracy is worth the wait. 
Eboo Patel
article - October 19, 2020
IFYC stands in partnership with other civic organizations across the country who are committed to ensuring a free and fair election. We are also thinking about how we come together in the days and weeks that follow November 3.
Eboo Patel
article - October 15, 2020
And for Josh, the only way for America to achieve its higher purpose is if all Americans have a chance to achieve their higher purpose. And that has everything to do with the words ‘listening’ and ‘relationships’.
Eboo Patel
article - September 29, 2020
America did not always live up to the ideals of our European Founders when it came to welcoming religious diversity.
Eboo Patel
article - September 24, 2020
"We should launch a movement to train tens of thousands of democratic conversation curators over the next several years - people skilled in bridging the divide across various people and between spirituality and civic engagement within people."
Eboo Patel
article - September 20, 2020
If there is anyone who doubts that revolutionary change is possible within America’s democratic processes, Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Eboo Patel
article - September 10, 2020
"Mohammad Salman Hamdani has been denied some of the recognition that many think should be his due, given the combination of heroic sacrifice and prejudice-driven suspicion."
Eboo Patel
article - July 27, 2020
Eboo Patel reflects on the life & work of late U.S Representative John Lewis: "John Lewis was one of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement who knew when and how to protest, and when and how to build. It is an example worth studying and following."
Eboo Patel
article - July 6, 2020
"King took Gandhi’s lens into his own reading of the Bible and applied it the first chance he got, as leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. These were only the first few steps on King’s road as an interfaith leader."
Eboo Patel
article - June 26, 2020
Eboo speaks with famous businessman Steve Sarowitz to understand how he is inspired by his faith to fight against racism: "If the system is broken, you can’t keep the system, even if it’s messy to get rid of it."
Eboo Patel with Rev. Jen Bailey
article - June 23, 2020
A key insight from Eboos conversation with Rev Jen Bailey: The people in the Black Lives Matter movement who did the frontline responding and the disrupting did their work so well that they changed the space entirely, now we need to do our work well.
Eboo Patel
article - June 16, 2020
"Our nation is in transition, a demographic transition...as we become a majority people of color country. I want to be part of that...In the idea of revolutionary love, I feel as if I’ve found my song, and I’ll be singing it until I’m an old woman.”