Claire Giangravé
article - January 5, 2022
The Pontifical Academy for Life has become the most attacked Vatican department online.
Jack Jenkins
- December 9, 2021
Most Americans support the existence of religious exemptions, however.
Silma Suba and Monique Parsons
article - December 9, 2021
Only one in 10 Americans believe the teachings of their religion prohibit COVID-19 vaccinations. 
Asif Lakhani
article - October 6, 2021
Ismaili Jamatkhanas are designed to be both places of worship and community engagement, so when the chance to conduct a vaccine drive became a possibility, volunteers mobilized quickly.
Jennifer Maurer
- September 28, 2021
In five clinics throughout the growing season, one clinic gave 327 COVID-19 shots and fully vaccinated 155 people in the migrant farmworker community of northeast Ohio.
Sophia Garza
- September 20, 2021
It is incredibly empowering to know that by protecting yourself, you can protect so many other people.  The Lord gave us the knowledge and people we need in order to defeat COVID-19.
Silma Suba
article - September 16, 2021
Organizing on-campus vaccination clinics, calling thousands of students, hosting informational webinars with medical experts – these are some of the ways in which IFYC’s Faith in the Vaccine Ambassadors (FIVA) have been raising awareness around the COVID-19 vaccine on campuses and high-need communities across the nation.
Colleen Long And Andrew Demillo
article - September 16, 2021
Religious objections, once used sparingly around the country to get exempted from various required vaccines, are becoming a much more widely used loophole against the COVID-19 shot.
Shauna Morin
article - September 14, 2021
The following interview features Dr. Toby Bressler, senior director of nursing for oncology and clinical quality at the Mount Sinai Health System and vice president of the Orthodox Jewish Nurses Association.
Janett I. Cordovés
article - August 30, 2021
Este artículo es parte de una serie llamada Fe en el Campo que explora las respuestas al Covid-19 – incluyendo esfuerzos de vacunación – en diferentes comunidades de fe.
Claire Giangravé and Jack Jenkins
- August 18, 2021
“Vaccination is a simple but profound way of promoting the common good and caring for each other, especially the most vulnerable,” the pope wrote.
Neil Agarwal
- August 9, 2021
As more companies and institutions impose vaccine mandates, many now struggle to process and evaluate requests for religious exemptions. The following resources provide background and context for these ongoing conversations and decisions.
Monique Parsons
- August 9, 2021
Many private businesses, hospital systems and universities that require COVID-19 vaccines also offer religious exemptions. But with no consistent method for navigating these requests — or defining the terms, for that matter — leaders are scrambling to respond.
Multiple Authors
- August 4, 2021
On July 28, Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) released findings from the second wave of national polling on religion and COVID-19. The study revealed that vaccine acceptance has increased since March, and findings suggest faith-based approaches contributed to this change.
Shauna Morin
- July 29, 2021
In many ways, the wisdom shared through these interviews—mirrored in the PRRI-IFYC data released this week—illuminates the importance of religiously and culturally competent strategies in our ongoing efforts to get people vaccinated.
Monique Parsons, Managing Editor, and Silma Suba, Staff Writer
article - July 29, 2021
Thirty-two percent of vaccinated Americans reported in June that a faith-based approach made them more likely to get vaccinated, according to the survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC).   
Jim Salter
- July 22, 2021
Across Missouri, hundreds of pastors, priests and other church leaders are reaching out to urge vaccinations in a state under siege from the delta variant. Health experts say the spread is due largely to low vaccination rates — Missouri lags about 10 percentage points behind the national average for people who have initiated shots.
Emily McFarlan Miller
- July 22, 2021
The solution, said Chris Palusky, president and CEO of Bethany Christian Services, is “the loving care of a family, not another orphanage.” He pointed to Scripture passages that say God sets the lonely in families and call on Christians to care for those who have been orphaned.
Shauna Morin
- July 22, 2021
The following interview features Debra Fraser-Howze, founder and president of Choose Healthy Life, an initiative that fortifies community infrastructure to better address the pandemic in Black communities. The interview was conducted by Shauna Morin for IFYC; it has been edited and condensed for clarity.
Renée Roden
article - July 21, 2021
Besides demanding equitable distribution of vaccines, the Interfaith Vigil for Global COVID-19 Vaccine Access called on the World Trade Organization to waive intellectual property rights for vaccine manufacturing in order to enable more countries to produce COVID-19 vaccines domestically.
Elizabeth Welliver Hengen
article - July 19, 2021
Yet the debate about the vaccine in Tennessee is not solely a debate about science. Rather, I believe the vaccine debate is also a referendum on our public capacity to embrace vulnerability.