Shauna Morin
article - April 26, 2021
The report, co-sponsored by IFYC and the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI), revealed higher rates of vaccin hesitancy among certain religious groups, including Hispanic Protestants, white evangelicals, and Black Protestants.
Adelle M. Banks
article - April 26, 2021
Collaboration between religious officials and health care professionals — from both nonprofit and for-profit companies — has aided efforts to increase access to vaccinations.
Silma Suba
- April 22, 2021
A new survey conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) and Interfaith Youth Core (IFYC) found that faith-based approaches can move many vaccine-hesitant communities toward acceptance.
Nour Akhras
article - April 9, 2021
"In the Qur’an, God – Exalted Be He – proclaims that we should ask the people endowed with knowledge…All the experts are saying the same thing: please get vaccinated and do it now."
Adelle M. Banks Share Tweet
article - April 8, 2021
Biden said the partnership between the seminary and a community health center is one of many that are happening between religious and medical organizations across the nation.
Monique Deal Barlow
article - April 2, 2021
Some evangelicals have even linked coronavirus vaccinations to the “mark of the beast” – a symbol of submission to the Antichrist found in biblical prophecies, Revelation 13:18.
Rabbi Sandra Lawson
article - March 31, 2021
"In my mind, COVID represents Mitzrayim, the narrow place, our place of enslavement, the place of trauma and pain. As more of us are vaccinated and we move toward freedom, we find ourselves at the edge of the sea thinking about our past, our pain..."
Julie Schonfeld
article - March 24, 2021
It’s well-known faith leaders can change minds about public health measures.
Danica Kirka
article - March 23, 2021
In Luton, the Sikh community decided the best way to celebrate the upcoming holy festival of Vaisakhi was with a vaccination clinic, which embodies the faith's principles of equality, justice and service.