Don Abram
article - January 7, 2022
A new interfaith curriculum designed for Christian universities and seminaries recently got a test run. One professor who tried it says it's opened hearts and minds: "The desire is very much there."
Tasmiha Khan
article - December 28, 2021
Some students and their advocates say anti-Muslim bias is as much a problem as discrimination against other ethnic or racial groups.
Kathryn Post
- December 7, 2021
Activist and abuse survivor Rachael Denhollander will be awarded the 2021 Abraham Kuyper Prize for Excellence in Reformed Theology and Public Life, Calvin University announced Tuesday.
Janet McConnaughey
article - November 3, 2021
A Methodist-affiliated Louisiana college granted tenure to Andia Augustin-Billy, a professor of French and Francophone studies who grew up in Haiti as the daughter of missionaries. She hopes her story "will spark very needed dialogue about having Black scholars in academia."
Yonat Shimron
article - October 19, 2021
University leaders say they will use the gift to fund new faculty positions and build laboratories. Calvin is affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, a small denomination based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Monique Parsons
- October 19, 2021
The expansion is fueled by concerns over political polarization on college campuses, an infusion of funds from foundations interested in bridge-building, and a merger with IFYC, which has a track record facilitating interfaith engagement.
Rachel Kline
- October 16, 2021
Applications open October 1, and grants are available to educators doing important work that engages religious diversity to combat systemic racism, inside and outside the classroom.
Kathryn Post
article - September 17, 2021
Inspired by their faith, four LDS students built new study resource that has revolutionized how hundreds of thousands of aspiring physicians study for their exams. "It really started because we just wanted to help people," one said.
Silma Suba
article - September 16, 2021
Organizing on-campus vaccination clinics, calling thousands of students, hosting informational webinars with medical experts – these are some of the ways in which IFYC’s Faith in the Vaccine Ambassadors (FIVA) have been raising awareness around the COVID-19 vaccine on campuses and high-need communities across the nation.
Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
- September 15, 2021
What will the campus chapel, and the chaplaincy, look like more than a century from now? Let the adventure begin.
Dr. Amina Darwish
- September 9, 2021
It has been 20 years, but the pain of that day is still present in so many places.
Mary Ellen Giess
article - September 7, 2021
The school’s new president of chaplains lives up to the promise of American pluralism.
Joel Harter
article - August 13, 2021
In higher education especially, queer spaces and religious spaces tend to be completely separate, with students often reporting that they hide or suppress their religious or spiritual identities in queer spaces and suppress their queer identities in religious and spiritual spaces.
Silma Suba
article - August 11, 2021
For most campuses, the hope rests on a condition: a mandate requiring all community members to be vaccinated before classes begin. Vaccinated students are working with campus administrators to dispel myths and encouraging their peers to get vaccinated.
Tina Grace
- August 5, 2021
In an increasingly polarized America, students from two Ohio schools -- one liberal and secular, the other evangelical Christian -- took part in a winter term project called “Bridging the Gap: Dialogue across Difference” to challenge views that depend upon increasingly limiting labels. Here's what happened.
Matthew Mayhew, The Ohio State University
- July 19, 2021
The study found that while there are many promising signs that students perceive support for their RSSIs on campus, there is also considerable room for improving welcome, particularly for students whose RSSIs are a minority.
Calvin Taylor
article - July 1, 2021
The Fellows are activists, artists, and thought leaders who created compelling media pieces that are published on Interfaith America.
Hannah Minks
- June 30, 2021
Is it possible that we are not as polarized as we have been led to believe? Recent work on college campuses aimed at bridging divides indicates a hunger for conversation across difference.
Priyana Kalita
- June 29, 2021
I, with the support of Geneva, came up with this idea to create a platform wholly dedicated to immigrant experiences and to create space for what immigrants want to express. I felt a scarcity of such a place, and an enormous need for it to exist, as immigrants continued to face so much injustice during the pandemic.
Silma Suba
article - June 25, 2021
Even as some religious colleges continue to seek religious exemption from anti-LGBTQ discrimination laws, it’s common for the office of religious life on American campuses to be a place where LGBTQ students continue to turn to for support. 
Shauna Morin
article - June 24, 2021
As we celebrate Pride Month this June, it seems appropriate to lift up findings from IDEALS that could improve the campus climate for students of diverse religious identities and sexual orientations, and offer examples of institutions that are leading the charge in this regard.
Silma Suba and Don Abram
article - June 11, 2021
The conversation among participants focused on past, present and future possibilities of interfaith collaboration at HBCUs and among Black and African American students on other college campuses.
Dennis Millan
article - June 9, 2021
What has happened in our institution provides a template for similar institutions who may be going through some challenges in establishing an interfaith program. It shows that being true to one’s faith and being inclusive are not opposites.
Ralph Keen
article - May 27, 2021
The composition of the class, together with their willingness to discuss hard questions, contributed in a unique way to the character of the course.
Silma Suba
article - May 24, 2021
In conversation with IFYC, Shah talks about his new role, the importance of having a Hindu chaplain on campus, and how he envisions using his role to create a safe space for students to discuss religion and spirituality.
Emma Van Drie
article - May 20, 2021
Many Calvin University students, coming from predominantly Christian backgrounds and a range of interdisciplinary fields, had little to no experience with interfaith dialogue and limited knowledge of Islam.
Drs. Holly Hillgardner and Brooke Deal
article - May 7, 2021
As the final project for the class, we wanted to do something that would make our campus a more inclusive, interreligious place.
Silma Suba
article - May 5, 2021
The scholarship covers the students’ tuition, as well as housing and living assistance while they pursue undergraduate or graduate degrees across all 18 of Columbia’s schools and affiliates.
Yonat Shimron
article - April 30, 2021
They will, in other words, be learning the skills of mindfulness meditation — the secular version of the Buddhist practice that has skyrocketed in popularity to become America's go-to antidote for stress.
Allison Pelyhes and Jan Register
article - April 29, 2021
Chaplain Fuller’s leadership and guidance has left a lasting, rippling effect on and off campus which will guide communities and individuals into multifaith work and engagement long after her tenure at Elon.
Silma Suba
article - April 29, 2021
Highlighting the role of faith and community in providing relief to communities during the pandemic, the project documents how diverse religious communities in the Charlotte area are responding to the pandemic.
Azariah Horowitz 
article - April 15, 2021
In the United States, our laws assure the separation of Church and State. So Sikh and Muslim kids growing up in public schools will never be taught that Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem.
Shauna Morin
article - April 14, 2021
The presentation focused on how chaplains and spiritual life professionals can discover and utilize meaningful data to demonstrate the value of their work in higher education.
Multiple Authors
article - April 8, 2021
"Among the topics educators must address to reduce bullying and to ensure representation in the classroom are religion and religious identity."
Shauna Morin
article - April 1, 2021
Yet while Gen-Y and Gen-Z evangelicals are exhibiting greater concern for various pressing issues, there are threads within our social fabric that require more of their attention: and religious diversity is among them.
Hannah Silver
- March 9, 2021
Tuesday is what I like to call Interfaith day. It’s the day I get to log onto Zoom and meet with my online community. 
Emma Santa Maria & Amanda Galán-Davila
- March 9, 2021
Our faith was tested during these long cold days and nights, but we never strayed from knowing that God was in control.
Paul Raushenbush
article - March 3, 2021
“The work of college and university chaplaincy today is a very hybrid kind of work,” said the Rev. Greg McGonigle, dean of religious life and university chaplain at Emory University.
Hannah Minks
article - March 1, 2021
Speakers JT Snipes and Zandra Wagoner use turns of phrase that likewise capture the very notion of an interfaith praxis that broadens perspectives in higher education.
Raja G. Bhattar
article - February 25, 2021
Raja writes about the usefulness or appropriateness of the term "BIPOC" - Black, Indigenous, People of Color- in discourse about race and justice, and how it relates to and reflects the politics of race and racism in the United States.
Musa al-Gharbi
article - February 23, 2021
Higher education remains highly unequal and racial divides persist. How can these realities be explained in a context defined by wokeness?
Amina Mohamed
article - February 10, 2021
Being a teacher gives me a space to constantly reimagine, even while I wait for the rest of the world to catch up. Children have a way of thinking beyond the parameters and limitations set forth by society. When I think of destroying systems of...
Hans Gustafson
article - January 27, 2021
"My students pivoted from engaging lived religious diversity in our local metro area to virtual opportunities for interreligious encounter in the United States and around the globe."
Eboo Patel
article - January 25, 2021
It just so happens that no other institution in American society is better prepared to meet every aspect of this momentous challenge, from educating various segments of the public to actually getting shots in arms, than college campuses.
Zandra Wagoner
article - January 22, 2021
Dolores Huerta’s work resonates strongly with some of higher education’s most aspirational goals. She draws upon the transformative power of learning and personal development as a way to instill agency and voice.
Shauna Morin
article - January 21, 2021
Large majorities of today’s young adults understandably lack confidence in institutions and are inclined toward distrust of others. Yet they exhibit a knack for recasting challenges as adventures and they set out to conquer them.
Ralph Keen
article - January 14, 2021
Having recently completed a monograph on the rhetoric of divine wrath, a year ago I led an honors seminar on the way in which an angry deity is presented in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It was the most successful course I’ve ever taught.
Musa al-Gharbi
- January 9, 2021
If higher education is going to help at all in the present moment, it won't be by reinforcing student and faculty tendencies to smugly disparage 'those people' as stupid, ignorant, racist, sexist, whatever.
Shauna Morin
article - January 7, 2021
To collaborate and problem solve with colleagues who think differently than you do, it’s important to possess a foundation of knowledge that will help you understand where they’re coming from.
Shauna Morin
article - January 6, 2021
IDEALS underscores why it is critical that we prioritize interfaith engagement now despite—and in some cases because of—our challenging circumstances.
Shakeer Abdullah
article - January 4, 2021
Infrastructures must be created to support the increased diversity in your organization.  Mission statements and action statements must be amended and created so that organizations can be held accountable for meaningful change.   
Multiple Authors
article - December 22, 2020
Faculty members Dr. Michael Burns, Dr. Barbara McGraw, and Joset Brown joined us for a conversation about the importance of interfaith excellence in business, STEM, and the health professions.
Multiple Authors
article - December 11, 2020
What if wearing a mask was a matter of ritual–a blessed commandment that reminds us of our service to one another? How is the collective consciousness of Islam shaped among Black Americans?
Nathan Stanton
article - December 7, 2020
A young woman used to the constriction of religious culture, begins a journey to answer a deep cry from within her soul. At once shedding past expectations and entering a world full of cathartic promise.
Silma Suba
article - November 23, 2020
This sentiment of pausing to take a breath and offering support, space, and resources for people to process and heal post-election is echoed across campuses around the nation.
Alejandra Molina
article - November 19, 2020
The original proponents of the curriculum worry that including additional faith and ethnic groups will “water down” a program intended to highlight the effects of systemic oppression of the four major ethnicities.
Multiple Authors
article - November 16, 2020
After months of protests against systemic racism, bitter partisan battles, and social distancing amidst an ongoing global pandemic, how can we heal?
Multiple authors
article - November 12, 2020
At a time when higher education is facing unprecedented challenges, some might wonder whether and how to make interfaith engagement a priority.
Shauna Morin
article - November 10, 2020
Through IDEALS we also saw students widely embracing interfaith friendships and sustaining those relationships over time—even, in some cases, despite deep disagreements.
Multiple Authors
article - October 30, 2020
The “HBCUs, Homecoming, & the Spirit of the Moment” webinar examined the role of Homecoming at HBCUs and what insights it has to offer colleges and universities across the sector.
Mary Ellen Giess
article - October 22, 2020
Below are some of IFYC’s favorite resources from our partner organizations supporting precisely this work. These tools can be useful in a variety of contexts – individually, in a religious community, in a classroom, or in a workplace.
Silma Suba
article - October 22, 2020
On the edge of a particularly contentious election and with a new surge of COVID-19 cases, campuses across the nation are feeling the heat as they prepare to support their community before and after the elections.
Pritpal Kaur
article - October 19, 2020
How can faith communities combat religious based bias and bullying? At the Sikh Coalition, we have been encouraging parents to take a proactive approach by introducing resources and opportunities to their young children’s teachers.
Shauna Morin
article - October 12, 2020
While it appears that conservatives are suffering most in terms of losing young voters in this moment, findings from the Knight Foundation report remind us that college-goers’ “enthusiasm is low for both major candidates and their parties.”
Multiple Authors
video - October 12, 2020
What do we do the day after the election? What is the America we are building together? Listen in to this rich conversation as these civic leaders engage in a rich discussion on preparing to live and lead in 2021 America.
Silma Suba
article - October 8, 2020
Some are pieces of what they inherited, and others are bits and pieces of what they're experiencing.
Silma Suba
article - October 5, 2020
While some campuses have begun implementing innovative virtual programs to see how they perform, others are navigating technological and financial challenges brought around by the pandemic.
Multiple Authors
video - October 2, 2020
And if you believe in justice, how can you have a system that perpetuates so much injustice. If you believe in redemption, our system is just punitive it's not redemptive.
Paul Raushenbush
article - October 1, 2020
"No, the Internet is not bad.  But, very bad things can happen there, and the way it is being shaped by capitalistic interests on the one hand, and controlled by authoritarian interests on the other, pose grave threats to a democratic and pluralistic
Carr Harkrader
article - September 30, 2020
This moment offers a chance to go beyond bromides; the young leaders in my training space wanted to fundamentally create a new culture on campus and their community. They were looking towards interfaith skills to do just that.
Edward Lempinen
article - September 28, 2020
You're more likely to change an opponent’s mind when you ask questions, listen sincerely, and tell stories.
Rev. Paul Brandeis Raushenbush
article - September 25, 2020
"We will not lose, because we are not alone. Psalm 22 remind us, over and over, of our intimacy with God, even while calling us to intimacy with one another. We hear our neighbor’s voice in all who cry out with us, with whom we are called to join..."
Becca Hartman-Pickerill
article - September 24, 2020
At IFYC’s first virtual Interfaith Leadership Institute 650+ students, administrators, staff and faculty gathered to connect, learn, and be inspired - but what were the topics on their minds?
Shauna Morin
article - September 21, 2020
Campus leaders have to balance tightening budgets, faculty are navigating rapid shifts in teaching, & staff are busy communicating & enforcing social distancing guidelines but prioritizing interfaith engagement on campus is also critical.
Silma Suba
article - September 14, 2020
We reached out to religious life coordinators and interfaith chaplains across the U.S. to share prayers, reflections, meditations, that offer courage and wisdom from diverse faiths to help us navigate this time of uncertainty.
Shauna Morin
article - August 23, 2020
What can higher education leaders do to promote religious diversity on campus this fall? Our new IDEALS research findings offer concrete steps.
Carr Harkrader & J.T. Snipes
article - August 17, 2020
Dr. J.T. Snipes, who will be speaking at the upcoming ILI, tells us about his work around Black secular college students and his new book on remixing and re-imagining spirituality, religion, and higher education.
Multiple Authors
article - August 14, 2020
"More than ever, we believe that coalition-building and effective training for a new generation of leaders are the imperatives of the moment."
Multiple Authors
video - August 13, 2020
"This webinar is the second in a series of webinars that engage the realities of higher education in the time of COVID-19, and a growing movement for racial equity."
Multiple Authors
article - August 13, 2020
"This essay highlights some of the most important results of the survey, suggests ways in which university and college faculty and administration may be able to accommodate the needs of Muslim students, and spotlights best practices."
Carr Harkrader
article - July 31, 2020
Access the recorded webinar with student leaders from diverse worldviews and across America sharing how their leadership has shifted and their hopes and anxieties about the upcoming semester.
Silma Suba
article - July 29, 2020
Both students and campus administrators believe there is a higher need to recognize the value international students bring to campuses and the recent ICE regulations have propelled them to revisit and think about their approach towards them.
Rabbi Shai Held
article - July 21, 2020
"Instead, the psalm evokes the reality that the conversation between hope and despair is never fully and finally resolved. If you’ve ever had the experience of bucking yourself up, lifting your sagging spirit one moment, and then sinking back into.."
Hannah Minks
video - July 16, 2020
If you’re a staff person wondering how interfaith work can look on your campus, look no further than our friend, Zandra Wagoner, who has a keen ability to both serve students on the ground and create institutional change.
Parker Niles
article - July 9, 2020
"It is our job to educate ourselves, because anti-racist work, and interfaith work, must be intersectional. One dimension of that means understanding how religion fits into these systemic processes that perpetuate injustice. "
Silma Suba
article - July 8, 2020
50 years ago, members of the Black Student Union (BSU) marched on stage at the Memorial Auditorium at Stanford during a campuswide convention on White Racism in America and read aloud a list of demands for racial justice on campus.
Alex Kappus
article - July 2, 2020
"As leaders and communities navigate the challenges of COVID-19, I hope we will all consider taking the time to foster inclusion and hope for a better tomorrow through intentionally designed virtual spaces"
Becca Hartman-Pickerill
article - June 29, 2020
Public higher education has an important role in this national moment. This report shares promising practices for colleges and universities nurturing a culture of civic religious pluralism and strengthening our diverse democracy.
Multiple Authors
video - June 29, 2020
Laurie Patton and Eboo are hosting a series of webinars on Interfaith Studies as a way to support faculty as they negotiate rapid changes in higher education and shifting campus environments. The first focusing on racial equity and interfaith work.
Janett I. Cordovés
article - June 12, 2020
As campuses consider orientation models for the summer and fall, Janett I. Cordovés shares a few ways to embed and create opportunities to increase campus’s interfaith literacy, and engage across lines of religious difference.
Hannah Minks
video - June 9, 2020
How do you host a successful, meaningful Virtual Interfaith Get Together? Read our guide on how to make connections and build understanding across diverse values and beliefs.
Multiple contributors
article - June 4, 2020
Four faculty members discuss the challenges, opportunities, and best practices for teaching interfaith topics virtually. 
Silma Suba
article - May 29, 2020
College campuses across the U.S. are witnessing a rise in the need and desire for meditation and mindfulness activities. “More people are accessing these services as they now have the time, and more need”
Hannah Minks
article - May 28, 2020
Whether it’s an interfaith dialogue among students, a planning brainstorm led by staff, or critical analysis of an interfaith case study used in the classroom—it’s always better to “warm-up” rather than dive in headfirst.
Eboo Patel
article - May 26, 2020
Eboo speaks with Bob Boisture, the President of the Fetzer Institute, to learn what he means by the 'enlightenment cultural operating system' and how the current pandemic will alter the future of higher education.
Hannah Minks
video - May 22, 2020
Leadership has many expressions – and we need every contribution in this moment. Get to know Damairis Lao – a highly experienced student leaders, bringing people together across worldview difference for the common good.
Gail J. Stearns
article - May 22, 2020
Gail Stearns offers us 10 reasons a Chaplain might be the best person when you ask: Who you gonna call?
Eboo Patel
video - May 18, 2020
This Commencement Address was delivered on May 17, 2020 by Eboo Patel, in an online ceremony celebrating the 2020 graduating class of Berea College.
David Keck
article - May 15, 2020
"Interfaith leadership formation is a safety issue." David Keck explains that a pilot and a co-pilot being able to communicate clearly from a place of mutual respect and understanding can be the difference between life and death at 35,000 ft.
Hannah Minks
video - May 14, 2020
Leadership has many expressions – and we need every contribution in this moment. Get to know student Steph Holland – starting out on his journey of bringing people together across worldview difference for the common good.
Multiple Authors
article - May 13, 2020
The University of Kansas held a Multi-Faith Dialogue fully online, gathering faculty, students, community members, and governmental officials to discuss publicly the importance of faith, spirituality, and worldviews. Read what they learned.
Kanika Magee
article - May 11, 2020
At Howard University's virtual graduation, students insisted their name be called to celebrate an achievement that was impossible for African-Americans just a few generations ago.
Eboo Patel
article - May 7, 2020
"Many colleges are going to change radically in the next couple of years. I’m hoping this is a moment in which interfaith and diversity work can elevate in significance and spread in reach."
Calvin Taylor
article - May 6, 2020
“Models of Religious Diversity” provides a framework for viewers to understand how people respond to diversity, especially religious diversity.
Brian E. Konkol
article - May 4, 2020
“This is not the academic grand finale that any of us, especially not the Class of 2020, had expected or desired.”
Seher Siddiqee
article - May 4, 2020
"In these times of physical distancing, we are faced with the question of how we cultivate relationships through technology...The means of communication may change, but the stories remain.”
Craig T. Kocher
article - May 1, 2020
Eboo spoke with Craig T. Kocher, Chaplain at the University of Richmond - “We are all ordinary people, bound together by extraordinary relationships."
Shelby Carpenter
article - April 30, 2020
Three leaders in the Chaplaincy Office at Tufts University share their conversation on the current pandemic and how Interfaith Leadership helped them prepare.
Multiple participants
article - April 29, 2020
Three deans of spiritual and religious life at Howard, USC and Stanford discuss how rituals of graduation will be offered in this time of physical distance, and what role ritual plays on college campuses. Access the webinar and share its clarion call
Eboo Patel
article - April 24, 2020
"You can’t replicate the dining hall to humanities class to religious student group to interfaith panel experience...but you can have students from all over the world in your class."
Janett I. Cordovés
video - April 24, 2020
IFYC’s Janett I. Cordovés walks through her process for adapting an in person interfaith training curriculum to a digital platform. Read her insights and watch her online facilitation to help inform your transition online.
Carr Harkrader
article - April 23, 2020
HBCU’s present work can serve as models for how higher education can reshape itself for a post-Covid world. We share some examples of what campuses are doing.
Calvin Taylor
article - April 17, 2020
Helpful considerations and small (but significant) steps you can take to create productive and successful online learning environments.
Hannah Minks
article - April 17, 2020
Can online spaces ever be places for civil discourse and bridging deep divides, rather than just slinging polarizing viewpoints around? We think so - and offer some tips on how to engage.
Brian Anderson
article - April 17, 2020
We continue to hear of the inspiring ways educators are supporting students, fostering community and nurturing learning. Read the ways 15 campuses have moved their programming online, in some cases with more participation than before.
Silma Suba
article - April 15, 2020
Religious, spiritual, and secular organizations are offering resources and connection for students to stay in touch with their faith communities online.
Becca Hartman-Pickerill
article - April 9, 2020
We've compiled some of the best examples we've seen of student affairs professionals offering ongoing support to their student bodies through new resources, video messages, and virtual events.
Leo Lambert
article - April 8, 2020
Elon University's President, Leo Lambert, underlines the need for nourishing human connection in the virtual world and believes, like the university's phoenix mascot, 'our time for rising from this crisis will soon be here.'
Dr. Mary Hinton
article - April 7, 2020
Dr. Hinton faces the same challenges and tough decisions as many higher education leaders as President of the College of Saint Benedict right now. But she is using hope as a 'mobilizing force' with her colleagues, students, and neighbors.
Silma Suba
video - April 6, 2020
Hillel International's Vice President for Jewish Education, Rabbi Benjamin Berger shares how Passover itself reminds the Jewish community of how resilient they are, and how the traditions can still be upheld in creative, virtual ways.
Calvin Taylor
article - April 3, 2020
.Our Teaching Interfaith Understanding syllabi library is full of ready to use course materials, activities, and assignments. We've picked out some of our favorites for online adaptation.
Paul Raushenbush
article - March 30, 2020
Southern New Hampshire University's President, Paul LeBlanc spoke with other leaders in online education about how the skills to navigate a diverse society are not only possible to teach online, but are essential skills for future leaders.
Eboo Patel
article - March 27, 2020
How do we support each other in this “new normal?” This was one of many questions that IFYC’s founder and president, Eboo Patel, discussed in our March 26 webinar about interfaith work during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mary Ellen Giess
article - March 27, 2020
Being off campus doesn't mean interfaith education must grind to a halt. As educators imagine a completely online educational landscape for the duration of the academic year, including interfaith courses and programs, these resources can help.
Janett I. Cordovés
article - March 27, 2020
Moving your lessons online at short notice is a big task and we want to help. We've collated our top 5 online pedagogy resources to help you elevate your online instruction.