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IFYC is Closing for a Week – Here’s Why

IFYC is closing for a week to honor our staff’s need for rest and respite in these extraordinary times.

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Student Religious Leaders Look to the Fall

Access the recorded webinar with student leaders from diverse worldviews and across America sharing how their leadership has shifted and their hopes and anxieties about the upcoming semester.

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Why Leading the ILI is Personal for Me

"When I got the chance to work at IFYC years later, I jumped at it; I wanted to create spaces where students like me, and very much unlike me, could talk about these critical issues."

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What U.S. Colleges Lose If We Lose International Students

Both students and campus administrators believe there is a higher need to recognize the value international students bring to campuses and the recent ICE regulations have propelled them to revisit and think about their approach towards them.

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What We Can Learn from John Lewis

Eboo Patel reflects on the life & work of late U.S Representative John Lewis: "John Lewis was one of the heroes of the Civil Rights movement who knew when and how to protest, and when and how to build. It is an example worth studying and following."

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IFYC is Closing for a Week – Here’s Why
Student Religious Leaders Look to the Fall
Why Leading the ILI is Personal for Me
What U.S. Colleges Lose If We Lose International Students
What We Can Learn from John Lewis


Micah Shapiro & Aaren Alpert
video - July 13, 2020
Rabbi Micah Shapiro performs '​He-harim (The Mountains)' with words from Psalm 114:3-4.
Becca Hirsch
article - July 13, 2020
"I have also learned that religion and spirituality might mean something different to different people, even from the same faith community. The best way to understand someone’s relationship with faith and spirituality is simple: you just ask them."
Farah Qureshi
article - July 10, 2020
"As a public health professional, I work to protect and promote the well-being of individuals by focusing on the collective: the communities where we live, work, learn, and play; the nations we call home, and the global society we share."
Richard Chess
video - July 10, 2020
"Psalm 121 is a song of ascents. I started to sense a direction. I could hear, faintly, a voice. I listened; I received; I wrote."
Parker Niles
article - July 9, 2020
"It is our job to educate ourselves, because anti-racist work, and interfaith work, must be intersectional. One dimension of that means understanding how religion fits into these systemic processes that perpetuate injustice. "
Silma Suba
article - July 8, 2020
50 years ago, members of the Black Student Union (BSU) marched on stage at the Memorial Auditorium at Stanford during a campuswide convention on White Racism in America and read aloud a list of demands for racial justice on campus.
Doug Pagitt
video - July 8, 2020
Rev. Doug Pagitt, pastor from Minneapolis, brings us a powerful video reflection on Ps. 121 from the street where George Floyd was murdered, and what it teaches us about our obligation to "act in ways that are holy".
Gabi Lukens
article - July 7, 2020
Music can inspire, enrage, excite, quiet, trouble, and move us in powerful ways. In this unique summer season, IFYC wants to share a window into our incredible team by regularly sharing playlists from team members.
Eboo Patel
article - July 6, 2020
"King took Gandhi’s lens into his own reading of the Bible and applied it the first chance he got, as leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. These were only the first few steps on King’s road as an interfaith leader."

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