Lesson Seven

This lesson takes a closer look at some of the opportunities and challenges present in the interfaith movement in its current form. Students will develop skills for planning and executing interfaith events, and explore some of the many ways that they can help to grow and support this rising movement. 

This lesson includes:

  • Module 7.1: The Interfaith Movement in the United States Today
  • Module 7.2: Interfaith Leadership in the Field
  • Module 7.3: Creating Spaces for Interfaith Cooperation
  • Module 7.4: The Movement Now Summary and Reflection

Download the full lesson here.

Lesson 7 Module 7A


Module 7.1: Interfaith Cooperation in the United States Today

Building on the earlier lesson spent reviewing important examples of interfaith cooperation from history, this lesson explores the many instances of interfaith cooperation and leadership taking place across the United States today. We will discuss common challenges to the interfaith movement, as well as current trends in interfaith work. 

Download Module 7.1 here.

Lesson 7 Module 7B


Module 7.2: Interfaith Leadership in the Field

In this final series of short interviews, students will hear from a diverse group of young professionals about their role in the interfaith movement, and how they have used interfaith leadership in their professional and personal lives.

Download Module 7.2 here.

Module 7.3: Creating Spaces for Interfaith Cooperation

In the same way that an earlier lesson explored building relationships through dialogue, this lesson offers students insight into how to successfully create spaces and opportunities for interfaith cooperation. This lesson includes suggestions and best practices for determining interfaith-friendly projects, and encourages students to determine means of assessment for any event through which they hope to build interfaith cooperation and pluralism. 

Download Module 7.3 here.

Lesson 7 Module 7C


Lesson 7 Module 7D


Module 7.4: The Interfaith Movement Now Summary and Reflection

In this lesson, students will review the content from this lesson and reflect on how their own interfaith leadership could contribute to the growing interfaith movement. 

Download Module 7.4 here.