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Assessing Interfaith Development Using the Pluralism and Worldview Engagement Rubric


To help you navigate this resource, below we have included a title and brief description of each section within this resource.

  • The Pluralism and Worldview Engagement Rubric: This section discusses the history of the Pluralism Rubric and gives an overview of how it is currently constructed.
  • Using the Pluralism Rubric at the University of Southern California—A Case Study in Interfaith Assessment: The majority of this resource focuses on scholar practitioner, Sable Manson, and her use of the Pluralism Rubric.
  • Measuring Interfaith Cooperation: Explores the scales used to measure interfaith.
  • Developing Meaningful Assessment Measures & Connecting with Faculty: Discusses how Sable connected with faculty in a business course.
  • Bridging the Curricular to the Experiential: Explains how Sable worked to create a seamless learning experience that bridged the curricular and co-curricular.
  • Applying the Rubric: Shares how the rubric was used in the course and program.
  • Adapting & Aligning the Rubric for Assessment: chronicles how the rubric was adjusted to fit programmatic and curricular needs.
  • Case Study Insights: Important insights gleaned from the case study.
  • Appendix: Includes two examples of adapted criterion from the Pluralism Rubric.

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