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Professional Applications of Interfaith Skill Sets and Competencies

RESOURCE SUMMARY College and university students, staff, faculty, and administrators alike are grappling with the professional applicability of various academic programs and co-curricular activities. As interfaith initiatives continue to take shape in the curriculum and the co-curriculum, IFYC is invested in supporting colleges and universities as they consider how interfaith work can translate into job opportunities, career preparedness, and career satisfaction. Through three recent research initiatives, IFYC has come to better understand the exciting ways in which interfaith skill sets and competencies are applicable in professional settings, both from the perspective of young professionals and their employers. This resource summarizes research findings into the following five learnings:

  1. Employers from diverse professional sectors express the value of employees who are equipped with interfaith skill sets and competencies.
  2. There is a lack of expertise and training within the workforce about how to directly address religious and philosophical diversity, despite the fact that employers find this skill set to be important.
  3. While participating in curricular or co-curricular interfaith programs, undergraduate students develop professionally useful skill sets that are both transferable and interfaith-specific.
  4. Students are able to leverage these skill sets in their résumés in order to make themselves more competitive in the job market, as well as put their interfaith training to use in their careers and graduate studies.
  5. Interfaith skill sets are applicable across a diverse range of professional sectors, and interfaith training can also help students discern which career paths to pursue. These five learnings are expanded upon in the following sections.

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