An America Where All May Feast

We find ourselves in a time of record levels of polarization while simultaneously witnessing historic heights of religious diversity in the United States. We all have a choice – allow increasing diversity to descend into dangerous conflict, discrimination and bigotry, or engage positively in a spirit of respect, relationship, and cooperation.

At IFYC, we are committed to building a truly interfaith America, where people of all different faiths, worldviews, and traditions are invited to the table to bring their unique contributions. The more distinct those contributions, the richer the feast for all.

Questions about giving? Contact the IFYC team any time: or (312) 261-4092.


What Your Support Can Do


can help send a student to the Interfaith Leadership Institute to gain the skills they need to build bridges on their campus


helps an alum take their learning from We Are Each Other’s into community projects to build relationships across lines of difference


enables staff and campus administrators to create program, training, and workshop opportunities that engage the intersection of race and interfaith cooperation

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jem jebbia
article - December 4, 2020
I first heard about the #TacoTrucksatEveryMosque project (also called Latino Muslim Unity) while researching Halal food options for an interfaith event on Stanford University’s campus.
Alexis Rixner
article - December 4, 2020
During those 22 months of faithfully paying off my debt, trouble indeed arose, my faith was definitely tested, but with God I was able to endure and persevere. I have changed; I am not the same person I was at the beginning of this journey.
Sarah Wong and Alexis Lewis
article - December 4, 2020
It’s about going deeper and truly hearing a person when they speak. It’s about being curious without sacrificing or compromising your own convictions. It’s about keeping an open mind and looking for common ground, even when it seems unlikely.
Kristina Grace
article - December 3, 2020
Americans have become comfortable living within a frame informed entirely by assumptions instead of challenging themselves to look beneath the headlines and engage with others through conversations.
Carolyn Roncolato
article - December 3, 2020
In response to my growing sense of the earth’s sacredness, I turned to my Christian texts, theologies, and rituals and found them to be insufficient at honoring non-human life, marking the changing seasons, and helping me grieve climate change.
Llazar Semini
article - December 3, 2020
Until early November, Dicic enjoyed good health but has now grown weaker and has difficulty standing. Still, she refuses to move out of her dilapidated two-storey home, surviving on a 60-euro ($71) monthly pension and no other official support.
Sandra Lawson
video - December 2, 2020
In Judaism, we offer a Mi Sheberach prayer for those who are ill or recovering from a sickness. I offer this song as a prayer for healing for all of us. Our country is sick. We are sick from an actual pandemic, and we are sick from a society that...
Michael Emerson & Joel Edward Goza
article - December 1, 2020
The irony is that, unintentionally, Trump’s morality — or more accurately, his lack thereof — has forced many white evangelicals into a long-overdue reckoning with their culture’s indifference to systemic racism.
Julie Schonfeld
article - December 1, 2020
The promise of vaccines has recently been challenged by fear, mistrust and discord. Some surveys show that vaccine hesitancy may lead as few as 50% of Americans, far short of the estimated minimum 70% threshold needed, to accept a vaccine.
Kanika Magee
article - December 1, 2020
I have been deeply touched and inspired by what has resulted. Yet, I have been struck by the fact that what happened to George Floyd was actually stunning to people. For as long as I have been alive my community has lifted its chorus to condemn...
Kelsey Crowe, Juli Fraga
article - November 30, 2020
Holidays can involve family conflict, especially after a divisive election. The solution is empathy, for yourself and others.
Teresa Mateus
article - November 30, 2020
"Is it a surprise, then, that the democracy we live into is so fragile? Maybe not. Is it so surprising that so many oath takers, with big pockets, big power to lose, would violate the ritual of oath giving for personal prosperity? Probably not."
Shaunesse' Jacobs
article - November 30, 2020
"...dictatorial rulers, corruption, voter suppression, police brutality, and innumerable unwarranted deaths. These are but a few descriptors that comprise “everyday” in 2020. What does an everyday God look like in a stretch of time that defies..."
Emily McFarlan Miller
article - November 24, 2020
Quotes from the letter appeared on social media as the COVID-19 pandemic upended life earlier this year.
Eboo Patel
article - November 24, 2020
If you listen closely, you can hear echoes of Springsteen in the victory speeches of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris last Saturday night. There is the realization that life is hard and still full of wonder.
Kristina Viera and Silma Suba
article - November 23, 2020
We reached out to our IFYC network to learn how they were staying in an attitude for gratitude this season, and we are excited to share a list of wonderful resources people are reading, watching, and listening to.
Kenji Kuramitsu
article - November 23, 2020
"Undertaking this trip in the Trump era challenged me to think about our own narratives in a way that resisted the easy, decorative multiculturalism so ascendant during the Obama years..."
Silma Suba
article - November 23, 2020
This sentiment of pausing to take a breath and offering support, space, and resources for people to process and heal post-election is echoed across campuses around the nation.
Raja G. Bhattar
article - November 23, 2020
As a queer and gender-fluid kid, I never felt comfortable being myself with family and found any excuse possible to avoid the performance required for me to look happy and “normal” as my mother used to say.
Frank Jossi
article - November 23, 2020
The tribe has a separate initiative to construct a utility-scale 13-megawatt solar farm in partnership with Allete, one of the region’s primary electricity providers.
Yaa Baker
article - November 19, 2020
While the purity ring is a layered and complex symbol with both religious and secular significance, it is also a social signal of a tribe.