An America Where All May Feast

We find ourselves in a time of record levels of polarization while simultaneously witnessing historic heights of religious diversity in the United States. We all have a choice – allow increasing diversity to descend into dangerous conflict, discrimination and bigotry, or engage positively in a spirit of respect, relationship, and cooperation.

At IFYC, we are committed to building a truly interfaith America, where people of all different faiths, worldviews, and traditions are invited to the table to bring their unique contributions. The more distinct those contributions, the richer the feast for all.

Questions about giving? Contact the IFYC team any time: or (312) 261-4092.


What Your Support Can Do


can help send a student to the Interfaith Leadership Institute to gain the skills they need to build bridges on their campus


helps an alum take their learning from We Are Each Other’s into community projects to build relationships across lines of difference


enables staff and campus administrators to create program, training, and workshop opportunities that engage the intersection of race and interfaith cooperation

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Rodger Kamenetz
article - October 6, 2020
"...Happy is the old man with the daily news murmuring quietly to himself day and night. The headlines jump up and down their fonts, but his voice is steady as he shakes his head. Happy is the old woman quietly studying the crosswords..."
Norman Fischer
article - October 5, 2020
"Happy is the one who walks otherwise Who stands otherwise Than in the way of the twisted Who does not sit in the seat of the scornful"
Silma Suba
article - October 5, 2020
While some campuses have begun implementing innovative virtual programs to see how they perform, others are navigating technological and financial challenges brought around by the pandemic.
Rebecca Russo & Joe Morrow
article - October 2, 2020
When repentance is so difficult for even these small sins, how can we possibly begin to understand what it means for our nation’s most grievous errors? How can we repent for our nation’s systemic anti-black racism...?
Multiple Authors
video - October 2, 2020
And if you believe in justice, how can you have a system that perpetuates so much injustice. If you believe in redemption, our system is just punitive it's not redemptive.
Paul Raushenbush
article - October 1, 2020
"No, the Internet is not bad.  But, very bad things can happen there, and the way it is being shaped by capitalistic interests on the one hand, and controlled by authoritarian interests on the other, pose grave threats to a democratic and pluralistic society."
Carr Harkrader
article - September 30, 2020
This moment offers a chance to go beyond bromides; the young leaders in my training space wanted to fundamentally create a new culture on campus and their community. They were looking towards interfaith skills to do just that.
Jacob Ratliff 
article - September 30, 2020
And as I took a step back to look at how these relationships were established and eventually transformed into concrete positive action, one thing became abundantly clear: This was my interfaith training in practice.
Eboo Patel
article - September 29, 2020
America did not always live up to the ideals of our European Founders when it came to welcoming religious diversity.